The CE/DS alumna class, with the help of the Wellesley College Alumnae Association, is forming a Constitutional Committee in order to draft a constitution that will best reflect the current needs of the class. Lesley Robertson ’88, WCAA director of alumnae engagement, will coordinate this effort as well as serve on the committee. Additionally, volunteers are needed to complete the committee. If you are interested in serving your class by helping to create the 2017 CE/DS Constitution, please complete this form, which asks for your name, class, and a brief (300 word max) statement of intent. Submissions are due by February 15.

We plan to announce the members of the Constitution Committee no later than March 1, 2017. We expect to have a new Constitution prepared and distributed for ratification by May 1. The class will then vote on the Constitution. Once an approved Constitution is in place, an election for new class officers will be held in accordance with the procedures outlined therein.

We believe this process will produce a Constitution and election process that allows representation for all members of a very multi-faceted class. WCAA Executive Director Missy Shea sent an email dated January 19, 2017 further explaining the process and background. If you did not receive it, or have questions regarding the process or timeline, please contact MJ Pullins ’94 at