Would you like to be a CE/DS Alumnae Secret Snowflake?



Do you remember reading period and finals during your days at Wellesley College? Those were challenging days, for sure.  This year, we would like to help relax the current Davis Scholars by sending them a small gift from a CE/DS Alumnae Secret Snowflake.

There are 39 Davis Scholars who would love to be the recipient of your generosity. We ask the gift be no more than $10.00. We've asked them to list their favorite color, Sport or Team, Drink (Coffee, Tea, or Cocoa), Candy or Snack, Flowers, Season (Winter or Summer), and to add a Dislike or Allergy, and finally - Anything in particular that will help them relax during this stressful time of their college year.

Anyone can participate - Near or Far.  If you are interested, please send an email to Linda Kosinski to connect you with a Davis Scholar. 

Reading period begins Tuesday, December 11th and Finals begin Friday, December 14th. If you can send your gift by December 14th, that would be phenomenal, as some Davis Scholars will leave Wellesley for the Winter Break. -- Thanks to  all who choose to be a CE/DS Alumnae Secret Snowflake!

Want to be a Secret Snowflake? - Contact - Linda Kosinski - lkosinsk@wellesley.edu   for the name and information of your recipient.